Lake Granbury is an impounded reservoir on the Brazos River that lies in Hood County.  The lake was impounded in 1969 forming an 8,310 acre lake that is used for water supply, recreation, and industrial use.

Beginning in the 1990s, it was noted that elevated bacteria concentrations were occurring in coves and canals of the lake due to non-point source pollution coming from the watershed.  Stakeholders in Lake Granbury identified the lake as being a priority for protection and restoration.  In the mid-2000s, the desire of a healthy lake led to the development of a plan to protect the lake and its watershed.  Through the course of several years, with input by scientists, state and local governments, business leaders, and most importantly the local residents, the Lake Granbury Watershed Protection Plan was developed.  The watershed planning process led to key recommendations including public outreach and several other management practices. This plan reflects the local stakeholders' concerns, their water quality goals, and what solutions could most effectively protect water quality for future generations. 

Through focused local effort throughout the watershed, implementation is underway to address water quality issues.  Browse the website to find out what you can do around your home and in your community to improve the water quality of Lake Granbury.